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Ayurvedic Wellness Products

Go through the wide range of Ayurvedic Wellness Products which are designed and manufactured by making use of optimum grade of raw materials and latest technology. These products are mainly used to provide huge benefits and also help to cure various problems related to your health. Our Ayurvedic Wellness Products are available in huge varieties such as Wel Body, Welnari Juice, Wel Peel, Wel Keystone, Wel Ayush Kwath, Ortho Care, Wel Tulsi Drop, and many more. They are made using variety of herbs and medicinal plants to provide an ayurvedic treatment and are also safe to use. They contain no harmful chemicals hence very effective and also have no side effects.
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Wel Berries Gold

Price: 4999 INR/Piece

For weight loss.alzheimer,UTI etc.

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Wel Body

Price: 2499 INR/Piece

Headache,white blood cells prodution,blood pressure,maintain sugar level.

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Welnari Juice

Price: 2499 INR/Piece

Useful for harmonal balance.

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Wel Peel

Price: 1499 INR/Piece
  • Storage Instructions:Keep it in normal temperature.
  • Physical Form:Powder
  • Function:Other , Herbal Medicine, Prevent Circulatory, Prostate Disease, Insulin Screcretion, Herbal Products, Heat Clearing, Antioxidant, Improve Gastrointestinal, Providing Energy, Promote Digestion
  • Dosage:once in a day before meal with milk & curcumin
  • Product Type:Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Age Group:Suitable for all Ages
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Welclean Vegitable & Fruit Wash

Useful for herbal vegetable & Fruit wash.

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Wel Ayush Kwath

Price: 249 INR/Piece
  • Age Group:Suitable for all Ages
  • Function:Other , Metabolism, Prostate Disease, Herbal Products, Heat Clearing, Improve Gastrointestinal, Immune & Anti-Fatigue, Providing Energy, Promote Digestion
  • Dosage:Twice in a day with glass of warm water.
  • Product Type:Traditional Medicine
  • Physical Form:Tablets
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Ortho Care

Price: 1499 INR/Piece

Reduce Body Pain. Increase Immunity. Stress Relief.

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Wel Tulsi Drop

Price: 349 INR/Piece

Useful for Fever cold & cough.

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Wel Anti Diabetic

Price: 1499 INR/Piece

Helps to maintain normal sugar level.

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Wel Noni Pure Enzyme

Price: 750 INR/Piece

Useful for 360 Disease.

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Wel Anti-Addication

Price: 2499 INR/Piece
  • Product Type:Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Dosage:Twice in a day with glass of water.
  • Function:Other , Sleep Disorders, Herbal Medicine, Metabolism, Prevent Circulatory, Improve Bone Density, Detoxifying Drugs, Heat Clearing, Antioxidant, Immune & Anti-Fatigue, Providing Energy, Tonic, Promote Digestion
  • Age Group:Suitable for all Ages
  • Storage Instructions:Keep it in normal temperature.
  • Physical Form:Syrup
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Wel Keystone

Price: 1499 INR/Piece

Kidney Stone


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