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Ayurvedic Wellness Products

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Wel Body

Price: 2499 INR/Piece

Headache,white blood cells prodution,blood pressure,maintain sugar level.

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Welnari Juice

Price: 2499 INR/Piece

Useful for harmonal balance.

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Wel Peel

Price: 1499 INR/Piece
  • Product Type:Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Function:Other , Herbal Medicine, Prevent Circulatory, Prostate Disease, Insulin Screcretion, Herbal Products, Heat Clearing, Antioxidant, Improve Gastrointestinal, Providing Energy, Promote Digestion
  • Dosage:once in a day before meal with milk & curcumin
  • Age Group:Suitable for all Ages
  • Physical Form:Powder
  • Storage Instructions:Keep it in normal temperature.
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Wel Noni Pure Enzyme

Price: 750 INR/Piece

Useful for 360 Disease.

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Wel Berries Gold

Price: 4999 INR/Piece

For weight loss.alzheimer,UTI etc.

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Welclean Vegitable & Fruit Wash

Useful for herbal vegetable & Fruit wash.

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Wel Ayush Kwath

Price: 249 INR/Piece
  • Dosage:Twice in a day with glass of warm water.
  • Function:Other , Metabolism, Prostate Disease, Herbal Products, Heat Clearing, Improve Gastrointestinal, Immune & Anti-Fatigue, Providing Energy, Promote Digestion
  • Product Type:Traditional Medicine
  • Physical Form:Tablets
  • Age Group:Suitable for all Ages
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Ortho Care

Price: 1499 INR/Piece

Reduce Body Pain. Increase Immunity. Stress Relief.

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Wel Tulsi Drop

Price: 349 INR/Piece

Useful for Fever cold & cough.

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Wel Anti Diabetic

Price: 1499 INR/Piece

Helps to maintain normal sugar level.

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Wel Anti-Addication

Price: 2499 INR/Piece
  • Physical Form:Syrup
  • Storage Instructions:Keep it in normal temperature.
  • Age Group:Suitable for all Ages
  • Product Type:Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Dosage:Twice in a day with glass of water.
  • Function:Other , Sleep Disorders, Herbal Medicine, Metabolism, Prevent Circulatory, Improve Bone Density, Detoxifying Drugs, Heat Clearing, Antioxidant, Immune & Anti-Fatigue, Providing Energy, Tonic, Promote Digestion
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Wel Keystone

Price: 1499 INR/Piece

Kidney Stone


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